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Landscape architecture is the field of outdoor environments with the aim of planning functional, artistic and aesthetic landscapes in direct relation to the built form or specific environment.

Whether it is commercial or municipal development, road corridors or regional planning programs, our landscape architecture and urban design professionals imagine and create attractive and sustainable projects which significantly contribute to the enhancement of landscapes and living areas.

Considering the constraints of a site (infrastructure, topography, hydrology, etc.) and by optimizing the its strengths, the integrated approach of our designers and landscape architects not only enables us to respond to the objectives of the client and the needs of the users, but also to develop solutions that are appropriate to the conditions of the site and innovative in terms of design.

The landscape architecture and urban design professionals at Fahey et associés propose a comprehensive implementation process, that is concrete and structured and which can include the following services:


  • Functional and technical development program
  • Site Inventory, analysis and selection
  • Landscape architecture planning and studies

Project Management

  • Detailed cost estimates and preparation of construction calendars
  • Tendering documents
  • Site work supervision and follow-up
  • Creation and implementation of a maintenance program
  • Preparation of technical plans and specifications
  • Construction documents

Design and Planning

  • Elaboration of Director Plans
  • Creation of urban design criteria
  • Design of parks and green spaces
  • Design of playgrounds
  • Design of retention ponds
  • Design of community spaces
  • Design of the public domain
  • Development of recreational tourism sites
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary teams

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