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Real estate development projects are currently being carried out in an increasingly complex setting and require more in-depth knowledge and expertise in areas of regulatory framework, practices in public consultation and the particularities inherent in the management of projects. New sustainable development practices being applied to real estate development projects require more thought into the economic feasibility of the project, the environmental impacts and the social acceptability of the project by the community. Consequently, developers today must surround themselves with a team of highly experienced professionals in order to ensure the success of their projects.

Fahey et associés possesses an integrated vision and global comprehension of the issues associated with real estate development.

The expertise and experience of Fahey et associés translates into client support through various phases of a project including:

Analysis and Prefeasibility Studies

  • Evaluation of real estate development potential / identification of optimal uses (best use value)
  • Zoning analysis / Management of the Due Diligence process

Consultation and Approval Processes

  • Site plan design and development scenarios
  • Client representation to municipal and government authorities
  • Negotiation and obtaining municipal approvals (zoning, subdivision, Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (PIIA), construction permit, etc.) and other required government approvals

Design, Planning and Project Management

  • Preparation of development agreements
  • Preparation, mitigation and management of public consultations and presentations required for certain projects
  • General client support and project management
  • Planning of TOD neighbourhoods and Mixed-Use projects
  • Site Plans and 3D models

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