our team

Our firm is built around a team of experts in urban planning, urban design, and landscape architecture. The size of our firm and its organizational structure creates a perfect team synergy that allows us to complete complex mandates. Our projects require constant collaboration between different fields of expertise as we share and transfer knowledge internal and external to our firm. Our professionals offer creative, practical and innovative research solutions to create inspired, coherent, and viable projects.

Brian Fahey, Urban Planner


Susie-Anick Fahey

Partner Director
Finances + administration

Anne-Claire Lefebvre, Urban Planner

Partner Director
Urban Planning

Guy Pelletier, Urban Planner

Partner Director
Urban Design + Landscape Architecture

François Rioux, Architect

Partner Project Director

Tina Khan, Urban Planner

Assistant Director

Selma Laroussi, Landscape Architect

Director, Landscape Workshop

Michel Gauthier, Landscape Architect

Project Director

Sylvie Barbeau, Administrative Assistant

Charles Bennett, Urban Planner

Principal Project Manager

Stéphane Bilodeau, Urban Planner

Principal Project Manager

François Bourret, Urban Planning Professional

Claudia Chirinos, Landscape Architect

Marie-Clémence Côté, Urban Planner

Eva Davila, Urban Designer

Anik Fortin, Urban Planner

Laurence Garand, Urban Planner

Principal Project Manager

Grégory Ghislain, Urban Designer

Noémie Lapointe-Vanasse, Urban Planner

Francis Lévesque, Urban Planning Professional

Mylène L’Italien, DAO Technician

Charles Lopez, Urban Designer

Project Manager

Rafael Lopez, DAO Technician

Simon Ménard, Urban Designer

Joanne Nassab, Landscape Architect

Andréa Nicolas-Cloutier, Graphic Designer

Laurence Pelletier, Urban Planner

Daniel Raymond, Urban Planner

Principal Project Manager

Nadia Richer, Urban Planner, PA LEED ND

Principal Project Manager

Dominique Roy Lajoie, Urban Planner

Camille St-Onge, Landscape Architect

Mario Talluto, 3D Designer + Urban Designer

Annie Tiernan

Technical Project Manager

Geneviève Tremblay

Principal Project Manager, Urban Planning

Joseph Westres, Urban Planner